Terms and Conditions

By Completing and signing the booking form you agree to the following terms and conditions

These Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay are legally binding and contain the Agreement between the Hirer and the Bubbly Bell Tents (The Owner) relating to the staying in the Bubbly Bell Tents during the hiring of Equipment.

Equipment is all the physical items included but not limited to: Boutique camping 4m Cotton Canvas Bell Tent or Boutique camping 5m Bell Tent, Coir Door Mat, Rugs, Lanterns, Fairy Lights, Low Level Tables, Bunting, Tea Light Candles and any other accessories hereinafter included in the rental contract.


  • Provisional bookings will be held for 7 days before deposit is due.

  • Completion of a signed booking form and payment of a deposit on acceptance by Bubbly Bell Tents constitutes a binding contract.

  • We are unable to accept bookings from anyone under 18 years of age.

  • Pets are not permitted within the Bubbly Bell tents.

  • All Bubbly Bell Tents have a strict NON SMOKING policy.

  • All rubbish/recycling must be removed at the end of your event prior to collection. Bubbly Bell Tents reserve the right to levy a charge, which will be deducted from your security deposit, for the removal of any rubbish or waste left in the tent.

  • Hire price includes free delivery and collection 15 miles from CB23 6AP, mileage above this delivery fees will apply contact for details.

  • Bubbly Bell Tents accept no responsibility or liability for damage or theft to any property left in the bell tents for the duration of the hire period.

  • Bubbly Bell Tents accept no responsibility or liability for damage or injury to any member of your party that may occur whilst you are in occupation of the tent.

  • The Hire charges are based on the assumption that the site is a flat level firm ground with easy access for motor transport, and that no drains, cables or other services are buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed. The Hire charges do not include any making good or repairing of damage to the site.

  • The Hirer is required to select a site that is not susceptible to bogginess or has poor drainage. Any flooding caused is the responsibility of the Hirer.

  • The Hirer must ensure that any obstructions to the site are removed before The Company arrives. This includes plants, shrubs, trees, vehicles and other materials. The Company reserves the right to apply a discretionary surcharge if obstructions prevent work from commencing.

  • The Hirer must consider and is responsible for making suitable arrangements for access by people with disabilities and emergency services.

  • Appropriate provision of parking must be supplied and all parking costs (if any), must be paid for by the Hirer in advance of The Company arriving on site.

  • The Hirer is required to provide the Company with either a plan showing the position in which the tents or equipment are to be erected or should have a representative on the site for that purpose. In the absence of a plan showing the position in which the tents or equipment are to be erected the Company will erect the tents or equipment where they deem appropriate and shall be deemed to have completed the contract.

  • The Hirer shall during the period of hire be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of the Owner’s equipment.

  • The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage and loss caused to The Owner’s equipment by his/her acts and omissions regardless of culpability.

  • The Hirer agrees to pay upon request by The Owner all costs incurred by The  Owner in rectifying the condition of the equipment if it is returned damaged, unclean or incomplete.

Bubbly Bell Tents Undertakings

  • Bubbly Bell Tents will deliver, erect and furnish your bell tent to the agreed location on the first day of the commencement of your booking.

  • Bubbly Bell Tents will dismantle and remove all equipment from your event location on the day of termination of your hire period.

  • While Bubbly Bell Tents will do everything possible to ensure your tent is erected at the agreed time and date, no responsibility or liability can be accepted for delays due to road accidents or severe traffic problems.


A £50 nonrefundable deposit is payable on booking to secure the date. 

The balance of hire payment is due 5-7 days before your event.

A £50 refundable security deposit per tent is required with the balance of payment.

The security deposit will be refunded by bank transfer within 5-7 working days of the end of your hire period.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to the following account:


Account details: Mrs L J Fairweather

Sort code: 20-27-26

Account number: 80682136

Please enter your name as a reference so we can identify your payment.


  • Your hire booking will be treated as cancelled if the balance of the hire payment is not received by us by the date specified on the booking form (7 days before the commencement of your hire) or unless alternate payment terms have been agreed. 

  • If you wish to cancel your booking once you have paid your initial deposit please notify us immediately. In these circumstances, your initial deposit is nonreturnable and any contract is rendered void.

  • If you cancel once you have paid the full cost of your tent hire, we are unable to return any monies to you, unless we are able to rebook the bell tent for the period in question. In these circumstances we may offer the tent(s) at a reduced rental to encourage a late booking and any money we recover we will refund to you. 

  • In the event of extreme or adverse weather conditions making it impossible to erect the bell tent(s), Bubbly Bell Tents cannot accept any responsibility or liability for losses or other costs incurred as a result. In this situation we will work with you to offer you and alternative site/date, where possible.

  • Bubbly Bell Tents reserve the right to cancel your hire booking at any time. In the unlikely event of this happening, a full refund will be made, however Bubbly Bell Tents will not accept responsibility or liability for losses or any other costs incurred as a result.

  • Should your chosen location cancel or terminate your booking for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be given by Bubbly Bell Tents. In this case, please contact us as a matter of urgency and we will do our utmost to help you find an alternative site.

Health and Safety

  • Bubbly Bell Tents operate a STRICT NO SMOKING policy inside the bell tents.

  • Any food provided by Bubbly Bell Tents has been prepared according to Food Hygiene regulations. After the delivery of the food the Hirer is responsible for appropriate storing and  consumption of the food on the day. Bubbly Bell Tents is not responsible of any food related health problems resulting in the food being left out or consumed after the day of the event.

  • Candles with flames are not permitted inside the bell tents. Battery operated candles will be provided.

  • For your protection and safety, cooking is prohibited inside the bell tents. Fire pits and BBQ's can cause fires and the release of deadly carbon monoxide.

  • Fire pits should be sited a safe distance from the bell tent and should not be left unattended.

Legal Details

Force Majeure (unforeseeable circumstances preventing someone from fulfilling a contract) 

  • Bubbly Bell Tents cannot accept any responsibility or liability for losses or other costs incurred as a result of: acts of God including fire, flood, storm or natural disasters, war, sabotage or acts of terrorism, government sanctions, labour disputes including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other Industrial action, failure in the transportation of equipment or in the provision of services.

 Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  • This agreement and disputed or claims arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including noncontractual disputes or claims) are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.

  • The parties irrevocably agree that the Courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation (including noncontractual disputes or claims).

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Covid Hire Policy

Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties COVID 19 HIRE POLICY In accordance with UK Government Guidance January 2021 Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties agrees that in line with Government guidance business activities should only take place where we can establish social distancing, safe systems of work, and suitable protection measures for customers/staff and good disinfecting procedures for equipment. All Payments must be made electronically in order to comply with the non-contact guidance that is currently advised. Bell Tent Hire can only take place where equipment is hired in an enclosed and private back garden area with no access to public spaces. Teepee hire is only to be used in one room within the household and should not be moved between rooms after installation. Use of the hire equipment must be for the householder and those living within the household only. Customers must not allow, under any circumstances, persons who are not from their own household to use the equipment. Where customers are found in breach of this, Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties reserve the right to immediately arrange collection of the equipment. We are currently unable to hire for social gatherings and for use outside of immediate family. (This will need to be updated as guidance changes) Cross contamination between households will be eliminated by introducing a rest period of 3 days/72 hours between hire and additional cleaning before and after use. Adequate PPE, namely gloves and a mask, will be worn on delivery and collection by staff from Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties. Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned /disinfected before it can be rehired. (additional notes on cleaning are available in Method statement and our risk assessment) Soft furnishings that cannot be washed at 60 degrees will not be included in the packages. Duvet covers, sheets, mattress protectors and pillowcases for sleepovers for the hirer to use, will be washed and placed in a fastened bag 72hrs prior to delivery. Customers must supply their own duvets and pillows. All duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and mattress protectors must be stripped by the customer and placed in a fastened bin bag ready for collection. The client must notify Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties in advance of delivery if there are any members of the household who have tested positive for Covid 19 or are presenting with symptoms in the run up to hire or during hire. Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties will also notify the hirer if at any point any members of our household become unwell with any symptoms of covid 19 and reserve the right to cancel the hire if this situation arises. This policy is in addition to the standard risk assessment and terms of hire which must be agreed to prior to hire.

Covid Methodology

For Non Contact Delivery and Setup (Teepees and Bell Tents) In accordance with UK Government Guidance January 20201COSHH Assessment Not applicable – no hazardous substances will be used during the set up or dismantling of the equipment. All party planners ad staff at Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties will be aware of Risk Assessments. Distribution of Information Method Statement will be sent to: Client Method Statement: 1) Access 1.1) Necessary arrangements should be made by the client to ensure that there is a clear path to the site of installation. There should be no one working/walking in the immediate vicinity of the designated area. 1.2) The client shall ensure that there is adequate parking space directly outside of the delivery area. Where this is not possible, the hirer should contact Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties to advise prior to installation. 1.3) It is the homeowners responsibility to inform neighbours where access to the property is shared. 2) Delivery/Unloading/Distribution 2.1) Equipment will be packed into contained packaging at least 72 hours before delivery and setup. 2.2) Equipment will be delivered in contained packaging to protect it against damage and contamination. 2.3) All items will be off-loaded by hand and situated in the immediate vicinity of the clients preferred entrance, taking care to avoid any damage to the products and surrounding area. 3a) Installation for DIY Indoor Teepee Party Hire 3a.1) Each mattress is to be placed on the ground with at least 1m clearance at the egress and /or exit areas.3a.2) Airbeds - The airpump(s) should then be attached making sure that the the blower(s) are open at all times and free of debris such as plastic bags etc which can be drawn  into it. 3a.3) The correct electric supply is then connected to the airpump(s) using suitable flexible cable. 3a.4) Inflation of the airbed(s) is then carried out in turn. Note. Time/Duration subject to access to site and the safe erection of each airbed should take no longer than 2 hours. 3a.5) After the 72 hour period, the bedsheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, mattress protectors should then be taken from the sealed packaging. The quilt covers should be placed on the client’s own quilts. The sheets (and mattress protectors where appropriate) should be placed onto the mattresses, pillowcases onto pillows. (For DIY indoor tepee setup only) 3a.6) The teepees should then be taken from the packaging and placed securely over the mattresses 3a.8) Lights/ bunting can then be strung between the teepees making sure that adequate space is left as per point 3.2 3b. Installation of Bell Tent Hire 3b.1) The Bell Tent will be erected in the customers private back garden by a member of staff. 3b.2) The customer must ensure the garden is appropriately measured to ensure the adequate space available to erect the Bell Tent. 3b.3) The grass must be cleared and cut short. In a period of dry weather the grass must be watered the evening before the hire. 3b.4) During the hire period of the Bell Tent all pets must be kept out of the tent. 3b.5) The tent must be zipped up during times where it is not being used. 3b.5) Before collection all personal belongings must be cleared ready for collection. 4. Collection 4.1) The client will ensure that all sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and mattress protectors are removed and placed in the bin liners provided. The bin liners must be sealed prior to collection 4.2) The equipment must be placed in the entrance way ready for collection. When Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties arrive to collect the equipment, the client must maintain a safe distance of 2m at all times 4.2) Necessary arrangements should be made by the client to ensure that there is a clear path to the site of collection. There should be no one working/walking in the immediate vicinity of the designated area. 5. Cleaning of equipment between hires 5.1) Bubbly Bell Tents and Teepee Parties will ensure that sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and mattress protectors are all washed at 60 degrees/with antibacterial liquid5.2) Airbeds will be wiped clean with soapy water and cloth and then dried completely using a soft cloth 5.3) Teepee covers will be antibacterial sprayed or removed from frames washed with antibacterial soap5.4) All accessories will be wiped on all surfaces with soapy water/antibacterial wipes/antibacterial spray and a cloth 6. Cleaning of Vehicle 6.1) The inside of the vehicle used for transportation will be cleaned using antibacterial wipes/cloths and detergent 6.2) The vehicle will be dried fully before being used again 7. Housekeeping / Waste Disposal 7.1) We would reasonably expect working areas to be clear of debris prior to our work commencing. Our company will endeavour to maintain a clear working area, and remove any of our own rubbish. 7.2) Any bin liners/bags used for bedding will be first placed in a separate, uncontaminated bag, sealed and then disposed of (duty of care to the Bin Disposal Team) 7.3) Any PPE that is not reusable should be disposed of in a sealed bag